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43 years of propellers' manufacturing
Our company, Ch. Tsiakalos LP,  with a presence of more than fourty years in the field, is a second generation company that covers every need you have in manufacturing and repairing propellers. Since the company's foundation in 1977 and till 2020 the establishment has been manufacturing high quality propellers of up to 2700mm diameter and 2500KW power. In accordance with the Register of Shipping, we can provide repairing services on propeller up to 3500 mm diameter.

Counting decades of presence in the shipping industry, continuous training and keeping up-to-date on technological developments, well-trained staff and state-of=th-art equipment and facilities, have helped CH.TSIAKALOS LP to gain the trust of professionals and companies in the industry by offering products and services of excellent quality, combined with a quick customer service and the most economical prices on the market. You can find out more about our company, products and services on our website. Feel free to contact us for any additional information you may require.


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